We want all new students and parents/carers coming to Rossington All Saints Academy to feel excited and comfortable when they arrive here. We hope the photographs, tips and advice will help you through the journey.

If you have any questions please contact your Learning Manager, Miss Martin, via email (martink@theallsaints.net)

To view our helpful ‘Moving Up’ documents for those set to join our Academy, please see the bottom of this page.

Useful Places

The blue line is next to the bike sheds. Once you cross the blue line mobile phones should not be seen or heard. You will be welcomed on the blue line each day by the senior leadership team and a learning manager. They will ask to see your knowledge organiser, jotter, reading book and equipment. You need to cross over the blue line before 8:20am so that you can be in your first lesson by 8:25am.

You will be required to wear the DELTA school uniform and PE kit. A copy of the required equipment/uniform can also be found in student planners.

You can access student reception during breaktime and lunchtime. We have staff who are emergency first aid trained.

If you have lost an item of your equipment you can also check to see if it has been handed in. We recommend that you have your name in all your uniform and coat as we get lots of lost items handed in to us.

The main hall is in the atrium. We use the hall for collective worship. Each week you will attend collective worship with your house. Each form group has an allocated row to sit on.

At RASA we have many science labs that look different to your usual classrooms. This is so you will have more room to take part in lots of different experiments. The science department also run extra curricular clubs and trips and visits. 

In music you will learn about lots of different styles of music and get to try lots of different instruments.  We have a large classroom with lots of keyboards and computers, and 3 smaller rooms where you can find a quiet space to practice. The music department also run extra curricular clubs and trips and visits. If you already play an instrument let us know.

During your art lessons you will focus on the elements of art such as; texture, tone, colour and line. You will also use skills gained in  ICT through photoshop activities with photography opportunities at GCSE level.

Here at RASA we are blessed with several modern computer suites that run lots of different software to give pupils the best possible computing experience. Students will learn about the following areas.

  • Keeping safe online
  • How computers work
  • Computer languages/programs
  • How to write programs
  • How to use a range of software

In year 7 students learn the basics, how to use the equipment, be safe and hygienic and basic healthy eating. 

In year 8 and 9 students will continue to build on their learning but will be focusing more on making meals, building their cooking skills, how to manage their time as dishes become more complex, catering terminology, nutrition and food provenance. 

Students will also have the opportunity to take part in activities after school as part of our enrichment programme, where they will be take part for fun or join one of the school teams and compete against other schools in a range of sports such as trampolining, table tennis and athletics.

Students in PE will have 2hrs of PE each week where they will have the opportunity to take part in 12 different sports/activities each year.

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

The playground is at the back of the school. You can go on to the playground at break and lunch time. You are not allowed to eat or drink on the playground.

The outdoor learning space is on the playground at the back of the school. Your teachers may use this space during lesson time to complete practical learning activities.

The canteen is in the atrium. We have three lunch sittings. The Y7 lunch time is 12.30- 1:00pm and Year 7 are the only students having their lunch at this time. You will sit at a table and be invited up to choose your food by a member of staff. Once you have chosen your food you pay for it using your thumb and the money will be taken from your account automatically. You will then be able to choose a place to sit in the canteen. You must take your tray away and clear any rubbish after you have eaten. All food must be eaten at the table.  The academy is cashless so your account can be topped up on line via our My Child at School app or by asking for a PayPoint bar code.

One of our current Year 7 students has some advice for you!

What is your favourite subject and why?

My favourite subject is maths because I find it really easy to work out the questions and to ask for help when needed.

What do you enjoy about coming to Rossington All Saints Academy?

I enjoy coming to this school because I made a load of friends to socialise with and to play with. The teachers are great because they respect you properly and they teach you well.

What advice would you give to a Year 6 student coming up to Year 7?

I would tell them to socialise, make new friends and always ask for help because if you don’t ask you might never know the answer, don’t be scared.

What I was scared of when I came up to secondary?

I was worried about my equipment and clothing when I came up because I didn’t think I would get it all in time but I eventually got there. Find a way around it and you will succeed.

When coming up you might think it is hard to make friends if you feel scared. When I came up I was the only one from my primary school but I talked to someone who looked lonely and we became friends and it turns out he was the only one from his school too.

What after school clubs do you take part in?

After school there will be a variety of options of school clubs like dodgeball, football, basketball and many more, that you may like and they are all run by school staff. Some are great exercise like the PE ones but there are also homework and subject clubs.