The City of Doncaster Council has been provided with funding of £5,978,546.15 from the Government’s Household Support Fund for the period 01/04/23 to 31/03/24.

Following the payment already made towards food for the Easter Holidays a decision has now been made to make further payments towards food as follows;

  • Payment at £15 per eligible child for the May school holiday, and
  • Payment at £15 per week per eligible child for 6 weeks for the summer holidays

Payments will be administered by the City of Doncaster Council’s Benefits Team and will be made direct into bank accounts weeks commencing 22/05/23 & 24/07/23.

Parents/carers do not need to contact the council, payments will be made automatically to those who received a payment for Easter.

For those who have not previously received an award but who meet the qualifying criteria below, an application is available on the Council website; Household Support Fund – City of Doncaster Council

The eligibility criteria to receive an award is that the parent/carer of the dependant child is receiving at least one of the following;

  • Universal Credit that includes the Housing Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Local Council Tax Reduction
  • Means-Tested Free School Meals.

Those who qualify for a food award will also automatically be awarded a payment towards their energy bills towards the end of the year as long as they still meet the qualifying criteria.

The Benefits Team

City of Doncaster Council