DACT Charity Football Match

On Friday 10th November, leadership from primary and secondary academies went head to head in a football match, fundraising for Delta Academies Charitable Trust.

The Teams

There were many academies across the Trust that stepped up for the challenge, and we are super impressed by the turnout on the day. We would like to thank the following schools in particular for their participation:

Willow Green Primary Academy

Morley Place Primary Academy

Montagu Primary Academy

East Garforth Primary Academy

Macaulay Primary Academy

Goldthorpe Primary Acdemy

Whetley Primary Academy

Pheasant Bank Primary Academy

Crookesbroom Primary Academy

Serlby Park Academy

Manor Croft Academy

Darton Academy

Garforth Academy

Ash Hill Academy

Rossington All Saints

Hanson Academy

Goole Academy

De Lacy Academy

De Warrene Academy

We would also like to thank all of the Directors of Learning and members of our ELT for taking part in the match.

The Final Score

After some back and fourth on the pitch, the final score went in favour of the ‘Primaries’ team, scoring five goals by the final whistle.


As this is a charity fundraiser, we appreciate any further donations to our in-house charity ‘Delta Academies Charitable Trust’ which provides our students with opportunities to pursue their passions outside of school on a larger scale and increase their chances of turning their hobbies into a fully fledged career.