Thank You letter!

21st March 2018

The academy has received the following letter from Samaritan's purse following the donation of gift boxes by staff and students at Christmas:

To staff and pupils,

"A great big thank you for all your hard work and generosity in helping to fill shoe boxes for children at Christmas.

In Doncaster 5225 boxes were collected, checked and sent to Macedonia to children who otherwise would not have received a gift at Christmas.  A total of 678,942 shoe boxes were sent from the UK to other countries.  Worldwide, 11 million children received a filled shoe box gift at Christmas. 

Two colleagues from our region travelled with the boxes from the Doncaster area and were very fortunate to see some children open their presents.  They described this as a really WOW moment watching their faces and reactions..this was a unique experience for the Doncaster team to see boxes from our area being opened.

Amongst the children who opened a box were two brothers, one age 5 the other age 7.  They lived with their parents- not in a nice warm home but out on the streets, homeless.  They are lucky enough  to be attending a children's centre where they are fed and clothed.

We really appreciate your efforts and I am sure the receiving children would wish to say THANK You!"

Jean Gravette and Christine Broxholme

For more information on the work that Samaritan's purse do please click on the link below: