Beat Bullying

How is bullying dealt with in our school? 

What we do

What this means


Provide an anonymous system (Confide)where students can report bullying.

Students can report bullying at any time via a school computer ‘Confide’ button.

The concern will then be screened and referred onto either Beatbullying mentors or their House Director.

Scheduled session with a Beatbullying mentor or a statement taken for further actions.

Any student who is subjected to bullying is asked to complete a statement

This is a very simple, 1 page piece of paper that asks when and where the bullying happened and importantly, asks for specific information about the incident – like a factual story.

House Directors and Learning Mentor read the statement and discuss whether the individuals concerned have had previous incidents of bullying reported against them.

They will then assess whether this   incident is bullying or peer issues (ie friends who have fallen out)

If the incident is related to friends   falling out or if it is the first time a student has been reported for   bullying, the incident is reported to our School Beat Bullying Mentors

A team of Student Beat Bullying Mentors work to resolve the problem by speaking to both the victim and the   perpetrator about the incident and give advice on how they would have behaved themselves.

Beat Bullying Mentors report their   progress back to Learning Mentor if the issue is resolved or to House   Directors if further intervention is needed.


House Directors speak to the   individuals involved

Students are spoken to at the earliest convenience about the incident.

House Directors determine if mediation or sanctions are needed

The statement is filed under the   perpetrators name.


The students involved in the incident are brought together to discuss how each person was made to feel and how   behaviour can be changed in the future.

Following this House Directors will   again decide if a sanction is needed.


1st incident of bullying – Warning

2nd incident of bullying– C4 Other

3rd incident of bullying – C4   Other or Consequence Room depending on severity

4th incident of bullying –  Consequence Room

5th incident of bullying –   FTE

2nd incident of bullying – Parents are called

3rd incident of bullying –a letter is   sent home to inform parents of the severity of the incident and how the   school will deal with further concerns

4th incident – The Police are informed, another letter is sent home and parents are asked to attend a   meeting with a senior member of staff.   

Informing the schools Police Officer

When a student is bullying someone on a regular basis and has not learnt from previous sanctions School Police Liaison Officer is informed of the situation.

School Police Liaison Officer will   decide how to deal with the incident in the eyes of the law.

They will also contact parents.

Completing Anti –Bullying work with Learning Mentor.

At any point during this process your  House Director may ask the perpetrator to complete some work with Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor will see the   perpetrator on a weekly basis to complete a piece of work around what bullying looks like, who it affects and the consequences of these actions

Learning Mentor will call parents to   inform them of the progress the individual is making.

Completing Self-esteem work with   Learning Mentor.

At any point during this process your  House Director may ask the victim of bullying to complete some work with Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor will see the student on a weekly basis to complete a programme of work designed to re-build   self-esteem and support young people to make better/ healthier friendships.

Learning Mentor will call parents to   inform them of the progress the individual is making.